Project Info

2 Market St - Roof Drainage

Newhibret Co-Op
Areas Repaired Waterproofing around drain entry
Repair Types Polyforce Plus fill around the drain pipe, application of fibreglass to bridge the concrete / drain pipe
Issues Water was leaking in and around the pipe / concrete gap causing concrete degradation and pipe rusting.

Project Description

The repair was done on the roof of an apartment building in Toronto.

The scope included repair and waterproofing of:
- Roof planters
- Roof slab
- Drain basins
- Various concrete joints (cold joints)

Drain Basins

The seal around the drain basin was deteriorated which caused concrete deterioration and leaks into apartments below. The concrete surface around the basin was treated with Polyforce Plus for increased waterproofing. The area around the basin pipe was injected with Polyforce Plus to seal the gap. A fiberglass sheet, treated with Polyforce Plus, was applied as a top armoring coat for long lasting results.

Roof slabs

After removing the existing leaking membrane and surface cleaning, the concrete was treated with an application of Polyforce Plus. The application provides waterproofing monolithic membrane as well as a structural repair.


Caulking of concrete cold joints was deteriorated and removed. Polyflex was injected into joints for long lasting waterproofing.


Technical Details


In accordance with third-party testing, the repaired surfaces are rated to the following:

  • 25 years of useful life
  • 0% water permeation
  • Polyforce Plus is rated to expand and contract with concrete
  • The entire surface and volume of the slab is "monolithic"
  • Compressive strength of 85 MPa
  • Adhesive strength of 1.85 MPa (original concrete has only 1.2 MPa of a tensile strength, so the bond is stronger than the concrete itself)
  • Repair is 60% cost of a traditional repair

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