Project Info

666 Burnhamthorpe Rd, Mississauga

Areas Repaired Wall, floor of elevator shaft
Repair Types Polyforce Plus
Issues Cracks, concrete deterioration

Project Description

Concrete Repair, Negative Side Waterproofing

The elevator shaft had leaks and exhibited lightly degraded concrete. The site sits on an elevated water table and is especially sensitive to leaks.

The shaft was surrounded by a running undercurrent water. All repairs were done from the negative side (inside).

Polyforce Plus was used to stop the immediate leak with further patching of cavities and cracks. Fiberglass fabric, combined with cement board and Polyforce Plus applications were put on the walls to reinforce the weakened structure.

Technical Details


In accordance with third-party testing, the repaired surfaces are rated to the following:

Polyforce Plus

  • 25 years of useful life
  • 0% water permeation
  • Polyforce Plus is rated to expand and contract with concrete
  • The entire surface and volume of the slab is "monolithic"
  • Compressive strength of 85 MPa
  • Polyforce Plus mixed with Basalt reaches a compressive strength of 150 MPa
  • Adhesive strength of 1.85 MPa (original concrete has only 1.2 MPa of a tensile strength, so the bond is stronger than the concrete itself)
  • Repair is 60% cost of a traditional repair

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