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Polyforce International, Inc.

Our journey began in 2013, when we set out to do the “impossible” - permanent concrete waterproofing even on wet surfaces using thin patch applications. We are focused on difficult high-end projects in concrete repair and rehabilitation, which can be divided into two sections: structural concrete restoration and rehabilitation, and non-structural expansion joint injection.

Parking garages and balconies of residential towers, ceilings, elevators, road repair, projects around the city, or even hospitals and clinics - nothing poses a problem thanks to the use of high-strength industrial proprietary materials (sourced from Polyforce).

Structural concrete restoration and rehabilitation

“It’s impossible to glue two slabs of concrete together”, traditional wisdom dictates. This is no longer the case: through the use of specialized materials which make monolithic 1.8 MPa adhesion possible, not only can we repair concrete but also restore it to its original condition, even when wet. It works both on single cracks and concrete surfaces with multiple issues - no need for complete resurfacing. Such rehabilitation is even done on concrete surfaces that are combined with metal structures.

How can this be achieved? Delaminated concrete is removed, the area is brushed over with a special adhesive, and a patch (of any thickness, even less than a quarter of an inch) is placed over it.

Non-structural expansion joint injection

Normally, when there is a failure of waterproofing membrane over the surface of expansion joints, the entire membrane must be removed and reinstalled. The excavation required by the traditional repair method is quite costly, but can be avoided with the use of PolyFlex expansion joint application.

What we do is drastically different: we drill injection ports and inject our specialized liquid material which turns into soft rubber. It has tremendous adhesion power capable of binding cracked concrete, and displacing any accumulated water, not allowing it to re-enter. The concrete slabs can still expand and contract due to the nature of the materials injected. At the same time, such injection seals any crack in the membrane, preventing any future leaks from recurring.

Rated to Perform for a Quarter of a Century!

As tested to the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) standards by a well-recognized and certified Canadian lab, our application is rated to last for 25 years. These applications enable us to rehabilitate concrete instead of simply patching it. This prolongs the useful life of repaired structure from the industry standard two years to an expected life of 15 years. This is made possible through the use of specialized high-strength adhesives that create monolithic adhesion. Meanwhile, traditional repairs are handicapped by the weakness of cold joint and the limit of patch application thickness.

About Us

Polyforce International, Inc.

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