Project Info

Mississauga Water Treatment Plant

City of Mississauga
Areas Repaired Tunnel Expansion Joints
Repair Types PolyFlex Expansion Joint Injection
Issues Leaks

Project Description

This water treatment facility also need expansion joint repair of tunnel sections.

Expansion joint repair:
Failure of waterproofing expansion joint rubber inserts in between tunnel sections causes severe water infiltration and joint failure. Choices of repairs in these types of failures are quite limited.

We have applications capable of injecting thin joints to repair failed tunnel section expansion joints. Through specialized injection ports, PolyFlex is supplied into the joint.  When cured, PolyFlex turns into soft rubber. It has tremendous adhesion power capable of binding to concrete, and displacing any accumulated water, not allowing it to re-enter. The concrete slabs can still expand and contract due to the nature of the material injected. At the same time, such injection seals any cracks, preventing any future leaks from recurring.

Technical Details


In accordance with third-party testing, the repaired surfaces are rated to the following:

  • Application of PolyFlex from the negative side reduces cost by 90% when compared to the traditional method of repair
  • 10 years of useful life
  • 0% water permeation
  • PolyFlex is able to expand and compress 200%
  • 200% expansion and compression does not affect adhesion or tensile strength of PolyFlex

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