Project Info

Terminal 3 Concrete Slab

Areas Repaired Apron - Concrete Slab
Repair Types Polyforce Plus
Issues The surface area had a trench covered with deteriorated concrete slab

Project Description

This surface area has a trench covered with a deteriorated concrete slab, which, over the years, has broken down into deformed sections, forming voids under the surface.

Deterioration has reached the point that the only course of action, with conventional repair methods, would be to demolish and remove the entire slab and replace it with new concrete.
Injecting the concrete over existing voids is not practical, since a new slab must be at least 2-3 inches thick, otherwise the surface will crack.

Problems with conventional method:

The new and old concrete do not have a proper bond, which results in reduced useful life. The demolition and pouring new slab is very labor and time intensive.

Since the concrete cannot be less than 2-3 inches thick, a large volume of the old surface must be taken out.

Benefits of using Polyforce Materials:

No demolition required, repairs can be done right over top of the existing surface.

Polyforce Plus can be casted as thin as 1 millimeter with 100% output. That quality eliminates the need to remove few inches of old concrete.

Polyforce Plus is liquid (like water). Half inch drilled holes in the slab are sufficient to inject Polyforce Plus into all voids underneath the slab.

The Polyforce material creates monolithic adhesion between the old and new surfaces and is flexible enough to avoid future cracking.

Polyforce Plus application is very cost and time efficient.

The repair was done in 1 hour with 4 hours of curing thereafter.

The finished surface is non-slippery.

Technical Details


In accordance with third-party testing, the repaired surfaces are rated to the following:

Polyforce Plus

  • 25 years of useful life
  • 0% water permeation
  • Polyforce Plus is rated to expand and contract with concrete
  • The entire surface and volume of the slab is "monolithic"
  • Compressive strength of 85 MPa
  • Polyforce Plus mixed with Basalt reaches a compressive strength of 150 MPa
  • Adhesive strength of 1.85 MPa (original concrete has only 1.2 MPa of a tensile strength, so the bond is stronger than the concrete itself)
  • Repair is 60% cost of a traditional repair

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