HYGROSMART-PU-CEMENT-3K Self-Levelling Cementitious Urethane Mortar 24.2 kg


Sale price$125.83


  • Polyurethane modified self-levelling mortar.
  • Protection of industrial floors in food and beverage industry, chemical industry pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
  • Performs on damp/humid concrete with negative hydrostatic water resistance.
  • Not toxic for food contact and drinking water.
  • Excellent biological, chemical resistance and hot water to 90 degrees Celsius.
  • Anti-static, non-sparking, anti-bacterial and non-dusting floor coatings.
  • 15 minute pot life.
  • Dries in 3 hours, light traffic in 24 hours.
  • Apply between 2-5 mm thickness.

Coverage square feet per 24.2 kg unit

 mm 2 3 4 5
sq/ft 54 43.33 32.50 26
inches 5/64" 1/8" 5/32" 13/64"


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