Since 2013, we have been producing specialized industrial-quality materials for difficult high-end projects in concrete repair and rehabilitation. With unique products, “mission impossible” has been accomplished: permanent waterproofing even on wet surfaces, using thin patch applications.

Read below about some of our stellar products.

PolyForce Plus

This high-end two-component product is designed to be used as an adhesive, a waterproofing agent, and a primer. With 85 MPa strength (concrete is only 30 MPa), it allows for monolithic adhesion of 1.8 MPa (1 MPa is an accepted industry standard), making it possible to fully rehabilitate concrete through thin patch (less than a quarter of an inch) applications. 

Thin structure of the material enables crack injection.

When applied as a top coat of concrete, its waterproofing qualities ensure long-lasting waterproofing protection from salts and weathers elements. 

When used as primer, Polyforce Plus improves the protective qualities of paint - it will not delaminate, thus offering extra protection. 


This unique product was designed for sealing concrete expansion joints. PolyFlex remains elastic, allowing repaired expansion joints to expand and contract, preventing any further water access - it is ideal for any joint sealing application. It does not react to water, making permanent waterproofing possible.

Rated to Perform for a Quarter of a Century!

As tested to the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) standards by a well-recognized and certified Canadian lab, our application is rated to last for 25 years. These applications enable us to rehabilitate concrete instead of simply patching it.

This prolongs the useful life of repaired structure from the industry standard two years to an expected life of 15 years. This is made possible through the use of specialized high-strength adhesives that create monolithic adhesion. Meanwhile, traditional repairs are handicapped by the weakness of the cold joint and the limit of patch application thickness.