Traffic Topping

Our solutions

Our Solutions

While traditional methods would require the existing traffic topping and the underlying waterproofing membrane to be removed and replaced, specialised materials based on polyurea allow for repairs without excavation in a single application. They are designed to serve as a waterproofing membrane and traffic topping, and can be applied over the existing surface.

Our solutions

Polyurea-Based Systems

Despite a higher price tag, these waterproofing systems are an optimal solution when application durability is the goal. There is a variety of finishes that comes with a choice of colours and a non-slip texture.

Our solutions

Urethane-Based Systems

This less expensive (and less durable) option is a good choice for a more temporary solution when there are budget constraints. It is a two-layer application consisting of a non-UV protect basecoat and either a non-UV or a UV-protection topcoat – as required, based on whether the surface is exposed to the weather elements.

Application Benefits

Time and funds are saved because in most cases it is possible to repair traffic topping instead of replacing it (if the existing coating still has adequate adhesion to the underlying surface) thanks to the use of industrial-grade materials.
Low Closure Time
Downtime is minimised: the repaired surfaces are back in service in 24-72 hours, depending on the materials used (polyurea or urethane). Repair is done in sections when the area is large (e.g. parking garage), to ensure continuous traffic flow.
Customisable Look
Our wide range of urethane, polyurethane, and polyaspartic topcoats – coupled with specialised aggregates – provides a great range of colours and textures for a decorative finish and a surface that is safe to use.

Repair methods

To ensure a lasting repair, a well-defined procedure is followed, with the materials used as needed depending on surface type. In each case, the first step is surface preparation – the floor must be clear of any loose material or debris, to ensure proper adhesion.