Concrete Stairs

Our solutions

Concrete Restoration

Steps, landings and porches tend to crack over time due to their constant exposure to the weather elements, and step edges also start crumbling, creating a hazard for the user. They do not, however, need to be demolished and rebuilt (unless specified by engineers, depending on their condition) – our specialised industrial-grade materials allow for concrete surface restoration.

Our solutions

Waterproofing Membranes

The repaired concrete surfaces can be coated with a polyurea-based waterproofing membrane which protects them for years and looks good at the same time.

Application Benefits

No need to Rebuild
Full demolition can usually be avoided – instead, concrete stairs, landings, and porches can be repaired. Our specialised materials allow professional applicators to fully restore step geometry.
Minimal Downtime
Because only minimal demolition is usually required, and patches as thin as 5mm can be installed, the stairs are back in service much sooner than with the traditional approach of recasting.
A Renewed Look
Polyaspartic membranes have become an optimal solution that waterproofs and protects the surface, while also making it safe to walk on and look good. They are available in a range of colours (not only gray), and flakes can be added for a unique look.

Repair methods

Surface repair must be done before steps can be coated: cracks must be filled, and patches installed, as needed. If there is any loose concrete, polyaspartic coating will not adhere properly.