Manhole restoration and waterproofing can consist of root and incrustation removal, crack repair and patching, riser joint injection, and step or ladder replacement. Manholes can even be covered, should that be required, because our specialised materials will adhere to both metal and concrete surfaces.

Our solutions

Complete Restoration

Our industrial-grade materials allow for efficient crack repair, patching, and riser joint injection which eliminates leaks.

Before repairs are done, any incrustation and roots are removed, to eliminate the potential for further damage to manhole walls.

Application Benefits

Renewed Capacity
Manholes will work at their full capacity, without overflowing, because they will no longer be overloaded by water coming in through cracks from the surrounding environment.
Cost Savings
Since excavation around the manhole is not necessary because our specialised materials allow for repairs to be done from the inside, restoration costs are lower (and time is saved too).

Repair Methods

To fully waterproof a manhole, it might be necessary to remove any incrustation or roots, fill in cracks, install patches, parge and coat, and inject riser joints.

As with any other concrete repair, surface preparation is done first: cracked are cleaned out, and any unsound concrete is removed when getting ready to patch. A specialised crack-filling material is used, and patching is done, as required. Manhole walls are then parged and coated with a chemical-resistant membrane. Rise joints – a weaker area where two concrete sections meet – are injected with a polyurethane material.