Elevator Pits

A typical scope of work when it comes to elevator pit waterproofing can include crack repair, patching, cold joint repair, and a waterproofing membrane installation – whether it is a block or concrete elevator shaft. Piston housing can also be waterproofed.

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Pit Cleaning

Elevator pit must be cleaned ahead of repairs and membrane installation. This service is also available as part of annual maintenance. An elevator pit maintained in good condition increases sump pump drain efficiency.

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Infrared Diagnostics

Infrared cameras are used to detect sources of leakage not visible to the naked eye, to ensure that every area requiring repair is waterproofed.

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Pit Waterproofing

All the surface repairs must be done before installing a waterproofing membrane. Cracks are filled, patching is done, and cold joints are waterproofed around the entire elevator pit perimeter. A polyurea-based membrane fully seals the repaired surface, ensuring lasting results.

Application Benefits

Lasting Results
Only industrial-grade materials specially designed for harsh elevator pit environments are used. They have been rated to perform for 25 years, standing up to surface deformation and elongation, as well as submersion in water.
Cost Savings
Polyurea-based membranes ensure lasting waterproofing results – sensitive equipment is fully protected, allowing for normal elevator operation for many years.
Low Downtime
Our specialised materials bond and cure almost instantly which allows for the elevator to be back in service the next day, for user convenience and cost savings (the elevator does not need to be locked out for more than a day).

Repair Methods

Cracks are filled with a specialised material once they are cleaned out. Patching is also done, as needed, ahead of the waterproofing application. Patches as thin as 5 mm can be installed which allows to correct slope while restoring the surface.

Repair Methods

Cold joints – the weaker area in the concrete surface where walls and floor meet or in wall corners – are waterproofed next. The joint is cleaned out and coated with adhesive before a continuous patch is installed at a 45-degree angle. An industrial-grade waterproofing material is then applied over the entire patch all along the elevator pit perimeter.

Repair Methods

A polyurea-based membrane follows – it covers the entire floor and the walls, up to the height of two feet, which ensures the pit will be fully sealed for years to come.