HYPERDESMO-ADY 810 - Fast Cure Polyurethane Membrane/Topcoat - 6 kg/1.17 gal or 25 kg/4.89 gal


Size: 25 kg
Color: White RAL 9016
Sale price$534.44


  • Polyurethane membrane and top coat all in one.
  • Fast drying for simple and easy one-day installations.
  • Single component can be applied even in a single coat.
  • UV stable aliphatic and self-levelling.
  • Humidity Activated Accelerator Technology (H.A.A).
  • Fast curing bubble free technology.
  • Outstanding abrasion, scratch, chemical and hydrolisis resistance properties.
  • Unstable surfaces require reinforcement between 2 coats still same day.
  • Parking and pedestrian deck, balconies, terraces, flat roofing, etc.
  • Avoid errors that with multi-layer application due primarily to interlayer adhesion failures.

Coverage varies by application requirements

20 mils (0.50 mm) thickness 107
square feet per gallon
30 mils (0.75 mm) thickness 53 square feet per gallon
40 mils (1.00 mm) thickness 40 square feet per gallon
60 mils (1.50 mm) thickness 26 square feet per gallon
80 mils (2.00 mm) thickness 20 square feet per gallon


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