HYPERSEAL-EXPERT 150 Polyurethane Elastic Joint Sealant and Adhesive 300/600 ml


Size: 300 ml
Color: White RAL 9016
Sale price$9.31


HYPERSEAL-EXPERT-150 is a novel low modulus polyurethane expansion joint sealant, especially formulated to ensure bubble free cure even at very high temperature and humidity climatic conditions. The product displays excellent thixotropy allowing its use even in very large expansion joints. It cures by reaction with atmospheric humidity to produce a joint sealant with a 50% joint movement accommodation factor and excellent adhesion on substrates traditionally problematic for PU sealants, e.g. glass, aluminum, steel, polycarbonate, etc.


Joint Coverage: 600 ml Sausage 300 ml Cartridge
Metric: 10 x 10 mm: 6 linear meters 10 x 10 mm: 3 linear meters
Metric: 5 x 5 mm: 24 linear meters 5 x 5 mm: 12 linear meters
Imperial:  3/8" x 3/8": 20 linear feet 3/8" x 3/8": 10 linear feet
Imperial: 3/16" x 3/16": 80 linear feet 3/16" x 3/16": 40 linear feet


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