G31 Series: Dust Extractor - 3 Stage Motor

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G31 is of a compact vertical design, with the motors installed on top.

Equipped with three industry grade motors, G31provides air-flow over 600 m3/h and vacuum 230 mbar, a plenty of power to meet a wide range of requirements. G31 is designed to support mid size concrete grinders,В scarifiers and shot blasters as well as handheld power tools.

G31 is of a compact vertical design, with the motors installed on top. The top motor head is a complete steel construction featuring superior sturdiness and heat diffusivity. G31 features a height adjustment for the convenience of transportation. You can slide-down the overall height to suitable for a van loading.В 

With its unique “reverse-air” cleaning system, G31 cleans the filter in an easy and effective way. With the system, you don’t have to take the hose off the inlet and then block the inlet in order to conduct a filter cleaning, which usually creates another dust hazard. You just simply close the inlet by lifting the open/close handle before operating filter cleaning.

G31 is packed with an oversized, tested and certified HEPA filters. It can separates 0.3um dust with an efficiency >99.97%, securing a high standard of quality and safety. Replacement Bags

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