Our Cementitious Polyurethane is the Toughest available floor covering technology that gives floors an exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals and extreme mechanical or thermal shock. Cementitious Polyurethane flooring is a long-term and durable flooring solution.

This system is designed for floors where extreme protection is required and can resist a broad range of organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, amines, salts and solvents. 

Cementitious Polyurethane




DURABILITY – Cementitious Polyurethane has robust strength, is durable, resistant to abrasion and impacts. The combination of specialist resins and high-quality blended fillers ensures strength, durability, and longevity. This system won’t be damaged by heavy equipment.

CHEMICALLY RESISTANT – It’s chemically resistant to acids, caustics, fats, and cleaning solutions which makes it perfect for commercial kitchens and factories. A floor that isn’t designed to withstand such substances won’t last long.

THERMAL SHOCK RESISTANCE – Cementitious Polyurethane can withstand aggressive conditions and is very resistant to high temperatures and extreme thermal shock conditions such as regular discharges of boiling water and steam.

SLIP RESISTANCE – A safe working environment is critical to a successful operation. To meet safety standards and ensure the safety of those working in the space, it is imperative to have a slip-resistant flooring system. You need a well-designed floor to ensure workplace safety on a daily basis in order to minimize or eliminate slips, trips, and falls.

ODOURLESS APPLICATION – Cementitious Polyurethane is solvent-free and will not negatively affect food or cause problems with public ventilation as it is odorless.

HYGIENIC & SAFE SURFACE FINISH – Floor finishes need to be easy to clean and serviceable, especially in a commercial kitchen setting. For many industries, food safety requirements demand that floors don’t harbor potentially harmful bacteria. The Cementitious Polyurethane is certified as a suitable material for floors in food and beverage facilities that operate according to HACCP guidelines.

VERSATILITY – Cementitious Polyurethane comes in a wide selection of colours to satisfy both aesthetic and functional needs. With its visual versatility, it will suit anyone’s taste.


  • Meat processing plants
  • Dairy, food and beverage production facilities
  • Warehouse and distribution facilities
  • Chemical and minerals processing plants
  • Mining, ammonium nitrate storage facilities
  • Chiller rooms
  • Food waste/treatment plants
  • Heavy engineering workshops
  • Commercial kitchens and bars