Apply DualGuard to bare, untreated, unpainted surfaces using a low pressure sprayer.  Surfaces must be free of any sealant etc. that will block the penetration of the product into the concrete.
DualGuard covers approximately 150 / 300 square feet / US gallon.

DualGuard45 - should be applied with a low pressure sprayer, working from side to side to ensure complete surface coverage. Surfaces should be well saturated and product will pool on/run down the surface rather than be absorbed when enough product is used.  Newer, less porous concrete may require some agitation with a stiff bristle (non-metallic) brush to assist in penetration and ensure adequate coverage. Product should be applied to saturation but not allowed to pool and dry.  If product is still on the surface after 20-30 minutes – wipe off excess product.  Do not dilute the product. 

DualGuard does not require a dwell time.  Treated surfaces should be left for 1-2 hours after application so product can be sufficiently absorbed into the substrate.  Product begins activation immediately and will continue to react in the presence of water. Results will be noticeable within 24 hours.

No special maintenance required. Clean surfaces as needed.

DualGuard45 - should be stored in a cool, dry environment. Protect from freezing. All containers must be sealed properly when stored.

All containers must be secured during transport to prevent damage. Lids, caps and closures must be tightened during transport and storage to avoid spillage.