Inspire your Creativity with 3D Flooring

Our translucid products for casting applications, the LABCAST series, have an impeccable aesthetic finish and provide exceptional resistance to UV rays (yellowing).  

The LABCAST is widely used as a thicker clear top coat over the ever growing popularity of 3D Epoxy Flooring. 

A wide range of different applications and renderings are now possible with the use of LABCAST products including tables, countertops, furniture and other objects of art or everyday use.

Epoxy for Casting Applications

It is possible to obtain the desired result with a single mixture since the LABCAST products can be poured at significant thicknesses. LABCAST products are low odor and 100% solids, thus respectful of the environment.

  • Poured at Thick Levels
  • Crystal Clear
  • Excellent UV Resistance
  • 100% Solids and Odor-Free
  • User Friendly
  • Ultra Long Pot Life