GEL COAT POOL SKIN UV POLYUREA 1:1 Ratio - 10 gal kit


Size: 10 GAL
Sale price$1,657.49


Gel-Coat is an extremely tough, optically clear, weather resistant, 2-component polyurea. It exhibits excellent durability, resistance to abrasion, chemicals and sunlight. It is used primarily in exterior high-wear environments where severe top-coating protection is required. This system may also be color tinted. It retains a high dielectric insulator capacity. Gel-Coat may be used over diverse types of substrates such as metals, woods, foams, engineering polymers, composites, brick and concrete. A primer may be
required depending on type of substrate or conditions thereof to achieve proper  bonding performance. The toughness of Gel-Coat places it in demanding industries such
as power plants, boat building, marine environments, industrial outdoor heavy equipment, commercial flooring, decorative concrete, steel infrastructures, etc.

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