CHEM EPOXY (NOVALAC) 1:1 Ratio 10 gal kit


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ChemEpoxy is a versatile fast low-temperature curing Novalac epoxy with excellent chemical resistance such as resistance to 98% sulfuric and 37% HCL acids. It provides superior resistance to water spotting, even under adverse conditions, and is DOT noncorrosive. This material is used in industrial flooring, chemically resistant tank linings, chemical handling equipment, chemical storage vessels and marine environments. It is used on metal, wood, fiberglass, concrete, masonry and other difficult to coat low temperature surfaces requiring a tough chemical resistant coating.

ChemEpoxy is 2-component mixture which may be applied using roller, brush or low-pressure pot spray. This material is to be used directly on clean dry contaminant-free surfaces and becomes tack free within 1 hour depending on ambient humidity and temperature. Full cure is achieved under normal drying humidity in 7 days at ambient temperature.

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