WBE-2 FLEX PRIMER 1:1 Ratio - 10 gal kit


Size: 10 GAL
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WBE2 is a clear or pigmented 2- component water based aliphatic epoxy formulation with excellent chemical and UV resistance. WBE2 has great adhesion to most substrates such as concrete, metals and asphalt. There is no odor or voc's allowing it to use for inside applications. It is available with 50% nano size glass filler, anti static, anti-microbial, and anti-corrosive additives. WBE2 can be used as a primer and can be diluted with 25% water to penetrate porous concrete. WBE2 dries to a high gloss top coat. The glass filled dries to a matte finish with a nonskid finish.

WBE2 dries very fast depending on temperature, humidity and thickness. Typical drying times are 15 minutes with up to 8 hour pot life. WBE2 may be sprayed, brushed or rolled. Tack free at 75F is 15-30 minutes. At temperatures of 50F tack free times maybe 2 hours. Rolling should be done with a short knap roller. Typical use temperatures are between 25-150F. Full cure should be 24 hours.

WBE2 can be made with ESD (electric static discharge) additives. Its available in clear or pigmented. Unlike other ESD resins which use carbon fibers, WBE2 does not need them. ESD materials are used in clean rooms or where sparks may cause serious problems.

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