HDX 3.78L / 1G Pump Spray for Ballistix

SKU: 1000755742

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3.8L semi-translucent tank made of high-density Polyethylene. Provides a no-spill fill and visible liquid level. Automatic pressure-relief valve. Comfort grip pump handle. 32-inch braided hose and poly flow control with lock-on feature for continuous spray. Corrosion-resistant poly wand and nozzle spray system for accurate spraying.

  • Do not use with: flammable products (gasoline, diesel fuel, hydraulic oil, etc.), hot or boiling liquids, products containing Acetone/Acetate/Acetic Acid (paint thinner, some concrete sealers), highly viscous (thick) materials (tar, high-solid paint or stain, paint and stains, products containing Chlorine (bleach, pool water, etc.), strong acids or bases, strong solvents, lacquers or lacquer thinners, turpentine, epsom salt, mineral spirits, vinegar, citrus-based cleaner, products containing peppermint/peanut oil.

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