MEMBRANE / TOP COAT - HYPERDESMO®-ADY 810 - 6 kg/1.17 gal or 25 kg/4.89 gal

Size: 25 kg
Color: White
Sale price$442.11


Single component, Single coat, on a single day. Based on Humidity Activated Accelerator Technology (H.A.A), that allows application a single coat and is an excellent way to save on labor costs but also to minimize errors that occur with multi-layer application due primarily to interlayer adhesion failures.

Self-levelling with a good viscosity profile over a large temperature range that will cure to form a bubble free membrane that is recommended to be applied in only one coat.

Waterproofing is no easy business; we battle with nature and its phenomena. First comes the rain, and in some places of the world it seems like it never stops. Then in the winter it is frost and in the summer it is UV light and heat. Moreover, as if all this was not enough, we also have to battle time and we need to endure it. When it is traffic properties that are needed, with a Shore A Hardness of 100, HYPERDESMO®-ADY 810 will literally let you walk all over it.

It is a fully aliphatic, one component, polyurethane liquid membrane designed for use as a main and/or top coat for traffic deck coating systems, as well as a stand-alone waterproofing membrane system.

- Excellent abrasion, impact and UV resistance.
- Excellent mechanical properties, highly elasticity, tensile and tear strength.
- Excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance.

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