LABPOX 30 100% SOLIDS EPOXY - Clear/Colours - 2A:1B RATIO- 3 GAL

SKU: LP30..000K3

Color: Clear
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LABPOX products can be used both as a primer-less basecoat as well as a topcoat. For heavy traffic applications we recommend using our EPOXY PRIMER. Our primer is an epoxy coating that is high in elongation and contains a low viscosity enabling greater adhesion to your substrate. LABPOX products offer a working time of approximately 60 minutes, low viscosity and are resistant to amine blush.  They are also ideally suited for metallic systems. LAPBOX 40 UV has one of the highest UV resistance in the industry (yellowing) which makes it a first-in-class product for applications requiring a superior aesthetic finish. The LABPOX 30 is available in an unlimited choice of colors and the LABPOX 40 UV is available in clear only.

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