PLF DIY Base Primer 360 sf Kit


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Resin Rock Moisture Mitigating Base Primer is an impermeable two-component nano-technology modified epoxy coating with zero VOC that adheres to previously impossible surfaces such as quarry tile and oily/damaged concrete in any facility.  Installation is done with minimal prep and no grinding, with superior adhesion >1100 PSI.  

Unique Properties:

● Zero VOC
● Minimal preparation: sweep and pick up debris and wipe surface with acetone
● Adhesion to concrete slab so strong that it exceeds 1,000 psi
● Fast drying: tack-free and ready for topcoat in 6 hours or 3 hours with accelerator
● Work completed overnight in less than 8 hours - no closures and no business lost
● Simple roller application allows installation to be performed by experts or novices

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