CLEARSKIN FLEX POLYUREA 1:1 Ratio - 9 gal kit


Size: 9 GAL
Sale price$1,657.77


Clearskin Flex is a 100% solid aliphatic roll on polyurea coating. There are two versions available as roll on.

  1. 12-15 minute pot life and set to touch in 30 minutes.
  2. 1 hour pot life and 45 minutes set to touch.

Both produce a clear hard high gloss coating. Both 1&2 can be supplied in colors and both have excellent chemical and UV resistance. #1 has been found to have excellent electrical properties. 16 mils of coating can resist 10000 volts. Making it a great insulator.

Clearskin Flex makes an excellent coating for steel, concrete, wood and marine applications. Its ability to cure fast with no VOCs reduces downtime to return to service. Clearskin Flex has excellent water and chemical resistance to meet any condition. Clearskin Flex is optically clear but can be pigmented and can have anti-corrosive additives if needed.

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