STORMSKIN POLYUREA 1:1 Ratio - 101 gal Drum / 10 gal Pail


Size: 10 gal
Color: Black
Sale price$839.80


StormSkin polyurea is a very strong highly resilient super-polymer designed to aid in the protection of building infrastructures, pipelines, bridges, etc. This super-polymer is a derivative of BlastSkin, a Military-Grade super-polymer, targeting extreme properties such as tear strength, impact and abrasion resistance. StormSkin is a non-breathable polyurea which eliminates water vapor transmission to underlying surfaces. This prevents metals to oxidize or rust under its impenetrable skin. It is used primarily to protect industrial infrastructures, waterproofing containment areas, steel frameworks, natural gas/oil pipelines, surge water walls, tanks reservoirs, rail cars, above and below ground piping, concrete and masonry waterproofing, heavy equipment coating, shipbuilding and harsh marine corrosive environments.

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