WPC-1 Water Based Polycarbonate


Size: 2 gal
Color: Clear
Sale price$755.82


WPC is a fast-curing 2-component water based polycarbonate  coating for both decorative and protective applications with excellent physical properties. It is UV stable for both indoor and outdoor applications. WBP has excellent chemical, impact and abrasion resistance making it an excellent material for a variety of substrates including concrete and wood flooring. Elongation is available from 10% to 400% depending on the application. WPC can be used as a clear sealer or within seamless multi-coat systems in solid colors, Vinyl Flake or Quartz flooring.  The unpigmented material has a clear water white appearance and can be pigmented any color using our PLF Universal WB color pods. The dry times of WPC vary depending on temperature a coating thickness.  A 8-10 mil coating will dry in 20 minutes at 72°F. Pot-life after adding part A to the system is up to 3 weeks making this a very user-friendly coating. If more thickness is required, a second coat may be applied. WPC has excellent adhesion properties to concrete, wood, PVC, Fiberglass, steel, ABS and aluminum with proper preparation.


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