DUALGUARD 45 - 1/5 gal


Size: 1 gal
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PERMANENT, INTERNAL WATERPROOFING, PROTECTION & MOISTURE MITIGATION – MAINTAINS SURFACE PROFILE. Provides maximum concrete durability, reduces moisture vapor transmission. No visible surface change.

DualGuard chemically modifies the concrete to create a permanent, integral and consistent waterproofing membrane from 2mm to 4mm below the surface.  The surface profile is maintained, so can be painted or coated with optimal adhesion or left with its natural finish.  DualGuard provides complete waterproofing protection and versatility and eliminates the need for traditional sealants or coatings.

DualGuard – with patent-pending InnerCrete Technology, provides “dual defense,” maximum concrete protection with an added super repellent for visual surface water / liquid beading.

DualGuard chemically modifies the concrete to create the permanent, integral and consistent InnerCrete Membrane from 2mm to 4mm below the surface with an added super repellant at the surface.  The concrete is internally waterproofed with visual water beading / repellency on the surface.


DualGuard – with InnerCrete Technology, is the most effective, eco-friendly solution to protect concrete and other cement-based materials from:

- Water penetration

- Stains, oil and discoloration

- Hairline cracking

- Environmental factors

- Efflorescence prevention

- Abrasion and erosion

- Chemical attack

- Odors

- Rebar corrosion

- Mold and mildew

DualGuard maintains concrete breathability while improving durability and reducing maintenance requirements.

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